NIW provides flexible solutions for customers, especially tech start-ups. We would like to become your company’s strategic technical partner. You will be able to focus on your core business while still be confident of the IT solutions and especially with minimum cost. Our fexible solutions offer not only technical matters but also strategic and operation planning with our top management.



NIW provides full-cycledevelopment and builds professional websites, with responsive design, smooth performance, and of course at a competitive price. Furthermore, we have successfully completed the implementation several complicated projects that required system integration especially between web and mobile applications.



Focus on two most popular smartphone OS including Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, NIW provides comprehensive services for mobile application development. With years of experience in developing mobile applications, we are confident to bring you not only high-quality products but also high-efficiency and low-cost projects.

Why Us?



Our most striking value is our supportive customer service. We are available to support customer anytime, day or night, your requirement will be response in no time. There is no edge between us and customers. Our project team will go with your business not only during the project development period, but also after implementation stage due to our excellent but free aftersales support.


Fast and Flexible

In NIW, speed is one of essential competencies. We can start working on your project in no time, due to our available resources pool. Besides that, we apply agile methodology, combine centred project management and flexible resource-based project team. Based on that, we can quickly respond to any adjustment and update on project requirement.


Value for Money

Our price is really low, might be not the lowest. However, we are confident to provide you best value-for-money products. Our value is based not only on the minimum price but also the maximum efficiency. Because our talented engineers are always striving for excellent quality products, we are confident to bring you complete customer satisfaction.

Our Work

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